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Dark Sense

This is a so-called 'mission 9', a race-specific special mission. All special missions (rob, hiss, build fighters, selfrepair, dark sense) are executed in order of ship ID. That is to say that Host checks each ship from ID 1 to 500, and per ship checks if that ship should perform a special mission or not. So Lizard ship #16 would hiss before Privateer ship #237 would rob it, but that Privateer ship #237 will rob Lizard ship #418 before that ship would get around to hissing.

The Evil Empire can dark sense ALL planets within dark sense range that have enemy colonists, except for Rebel-owned planets. The Dark Sense is unable to find the Rebels. The Dark Sense is a mission that all ships owned by the Evil Empire can do. When their mission is set to Dark Sense any information that the ship discovers will be sent to the player as a message that turn. The Dark Sense can not be blocked by defenseposts or anything else.

A typical Dark Sense message looks like this:

<<< Captain's Log >>>
(using the dark sense)
I have a feeling that
there are Fed colonists living on
Alkalurops 459 Planet ID# 17
Minerals on/in planet
N: 6005 M: 1825 T: 2305 D: 3855
Megacredits : 16884
They have a starbase.


  • Since Dark Sense is a mission, a ship performing the Dark Sense needs to have fuel onboard. The mission itself does not burn fuel.
  • The Dark Sense Range is host-configurable, and 200 lightyears by default (equal to sensor sweep range).
  • Dark sense is NOT a bioscanner, it will not report the natives and temperature of (unowned) planets.

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