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This is a so-called 'mission 9', a race-specific special mission. All special missions (rob, hiss, build fighters, selfrepair, dark sense) are executed in order of ship ID. That is to say that Host checks each ship from ID 1 to 500, and per ship checks if that ship should perform a special mission or not. So Lizard ship #16 would hiss before Privateer ship #237 would rob it, but that Privateer ship #237 will rob Lizard ship #418 before that ship would get around to hissing.

The Lizards have a special Hisssss mission that will increase the happiness of colonists and natives by transmitting threatening radio and video messages to planetary populations. The fear of big Lizards stomping on their planet tends to refrain them from becoming upset. Only ships with one or more beam weapons can perform the Hisss mission.

Each hissing ship adds 5 (host-configurable) happiness points to both the native and colonist happiness per turn. Lizards can hiss their own planets as well as planets of allies, or even enemy or unowned planets. Lizards do not need to match friendly codes with the planet they hisss. To perform the hiss-mission a ship needs at least one kiloton of fuel aboard, the mission itself does not burn fuel. As can be deducted from the Host order, happiness increase due to hissing happens *before* the normal happiness change is computed, so before the effects of the taxlevel and other factors are implemented. Happiness can never exceed 100 points.


  • A native population with 80 happiness points and four hissing ships and 30% taxes: hissing increases happiness to 100, then taxes decrease happiness to approximately 78 again.
  • A native population with 95 happiness points, four hissing ships and 40% taxes: hissing increases happiness to 100 (note: one hissing ship would be enough for this) and then taxing drops happiness to approximately 70.
  • A native population with 100 happiness points, four hissing ships and 40% taxes: hissing has no effect since happiness can't rise above 100, then taxes drop happiness to approximately 70.
  • A native population with 70 happiness points, four hissing ships and 10% taxes: hissing increases happiness to 90, taxes then drop it to 85.

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