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Mass check, selfrepair with supplies, ships make torpedoes (mkt)

At this stage in the Host-order, often referred to as "check ship mass" or "recalculate ship mass" the Host program repairs ships with supplies onboard and makes torpedoes on ships that match the criteria for doing so.

Mass check (trim cargo)
During several stages in the hostrun, the mass of all ships is checked. At this point, overloaded cargo is trimmed down to make sure ships don't have more cargo than they have cargoroom. This is something that can be caused by transfers to ships that don't have room to accept the cargo.

Ships repair themselves with supplies
Starships can repair damage in space using supplies. Five supply units will repair 1% of ship damage. To repair a ship just load the damaged ship with supplies and the ship will be repaired next turn. Repairs in space DO NOT add crew to the ship. Self-repairs with supplies happen automatically, do not use fuel and can not be turned off.

Ships repair themselves in the phase of host after minehits and glory devices, but before battle. This enables a ship that has suffered damage from minehits or glory devices to enter the battleground undamaged, provided it has enough supplies to fully repair all damage.

Ships make torpedoes (using mkt friendly code)
It is possible for any ship with one or more torpedo tubes to build torpedoes in it's cargohold by using the "mkt" friendly code. This code will only work if you have a registered version of VGA Planets. The costs for the torpedoes are the same as when they're built at a starbase: one of each mineral and a number of megacredits, depending on the type of torpedo.

The costs per torpedo (apart from one of each mineral) are:

Torpedo Type Costs in MCs
Mark 1 Photon 1
Proton torp 2
Mark 2 Photon 5
Gamma Bomb 10
Mark 3 Photon 12
Mark 4 Photon 13
Mark 5 Photon 31
Mark 6 Photon 35
Mark 7 Photon 36
Mark 8 Photon 54


  • The "mkt" friendly code does NOT automatically load minerals and money to build torpedoes with, as the "lfm" code does for fighterbuilders.
  • To make torpedoes a ship does not need fuel onboard.
  • The cargobay of the ship may be completely filled with minerals, no extra space is needed - minerals turn into torpedoes, making room to store the torpedoes.
  • There are four stages at which this happen, including after Borg ships take in debris of destroyed enemy ships (right after combat) and after Fascist pillaging.

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