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Planets Host Control Center (PHCc)

Name: PHCc Author: [email protected]
Type: Hosting program Website: (Offline) - Version: v2.23 (For VGA Planets 3)

PHCc is a program to manage the hosting of VGA Planets games. It makes hosting multiple games as easy as it can get. It knows about the most common mail clients so it can fully take care of processing TRNs and RSTs on it's own. PHCc also handles all of the players administration and game mastering.

PHCc also features fully automated HTML generation, making host websites without server-based applications and without any CGI script or programs. All the host has to do is upload the HTML files to his provider.

To add to the fun for the players, PHCc comes with it's own ranking system. Players start at the rank of ensign, and through victorious games they can climb up the ladder to become captain, admiral and even higher.

Some of PHCc's features:

  • Supports both Host and Phost
  • Fully automated RST/TRN handling
  • Automated player administration
  • Complete web site generation
  • Complete email handling
  • Processes player requests (e.g. "resend RST") and others
  • Sends RST files zipped to reduce online costs
  • Own scoring-system with decorations
  • Detects player-dropouts and frees the races for replacements

Additional information: the PHCc friendly codes

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