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Technically this part of the site is never complete, but the links to the sites I personally like best are right here.

I try to keep this list as up to date as possible, adding new interesting sites as I come across them and checking for bad links on a regular basis. Of course, some might slip through. So if you know of a site I should add or notice a bad link, please drop me a line.

VGA Planets - Hosts
These are sites actively hosting VGA Planet 3.0/3.5/PHost games. All of these sites have at least 1 game live and running, though I think a couple of these are questionable. Last Updated 2/9/2016.
High Command
The Starbase
VGA Planets - Addon's, Client's & Utilities
These are the sites for addon's, utilities and developers.
Alb's VGA Planets Addon's and Tactics site
Arthedain - FHOST Homepage
AutoTroll Homepage @
Dale Pope's Killing Floor & Machines of Yore Homepage
Dan & Dave Software
EchoView Homepage
Feltes VGA Planets Utils
Interstellar Designs
JVC - The Java VGA-Planets Client
Kero's VGA Planets Utilities - JVPC / Ruby Viewer
Moeffju's Site
Nemesis / Gryphon / Jupiter
Overlord - VGA Planets Host Editor
PDV Homepage
PHOST - Portable Host Project
Planets Command Center
Planets Tools
RCworld Universe
Roger Burton West - VGA Planets Addon's & Utils
Stefan's Planets Page
Tanascius Depot
The War Room
Vagabund (VGA Planets) PHOST related materials
VGA Planets Calculator
VGA Planets Homepage
VPA - VGA Planets Assistant Homepage
VGA Planets - Forums & Newsgroups
These are active VGA Planets forums in various languages and countries around the world.
VGA Planets @ Yahoo
VGA Planets Hosts @ Yahoo
VGAP-93 @ Yahoo
VGA Planets Espana Groupos @ Yahoo (Spanish) (English) Usenet
maus.spiele.planets (German) Usenet
fido7.vga.planets (Russian) Usenet
VGA Planets - Informational
These are sites that have good information, stratagies and tactics.
VGAP Wiki - German
VGA Planets - Ghost Sites
These VGAP sites are still online, but have been abandoned by their owners. Many are antiquated, but some still have some very good information if you dig deep enough.
Arrakis - Spanish
Delta Force
Echo Cluster Resource
Joe's VGA Planets War Room
RaNNTak - Spanish
SloMo's VGA Planets
Sonic Hedgehog's VGA Planets Pages
Wolf 359


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