The Planeteer

In 1995 James Rocks started a digital VGA Planets magazine called 'The Planeteer'. The how and why is best explained by quoting from his editorial in the first issue:

"Once upon a time (when men were REAL men, women were REAL women and small fuzzy creatures from Alpha Centauri were REAL small fuzzy creatures from Alpha Centauri!) there was an innovative magazine for VGAP players called The Echo Cluster .... the last issue released way back in early 95 .... since then .... nothing. I was an enthusiastic author for the magazine and I firmly believe that we (the players and hosts) need it (or something like it!) back so 8 months down the road I am releasing my own version .... The Planeteer.

The Planeteer is intended to be a Forum/Service independent publication whos major aim is to support, entertain, inform and express the views of the VGA Planeteer ... wherever they are found. I hope it will be (and freely give permission for it to be) uploaded to any forum or service that supports VGA Planets including independent Bulletin Board Services. Whilst The Planeteer is currently based on CompuServe I am interested in means by which it can be spread to include other services. In line with the latest (beta) version of VGA Planets The Planeteer will be released in Windows Write format but I will be seeking possible alternative formats .... a DOS ASCII text version will be released IF there is sufficient demand but it should be borne in mind that it will lack any of the fonts and bitmaps planned for the magazine.

James The Undead HedgeHog Rocks (100434,2012)
Editor, The Planeteer
Issue 01: September 1995"

As it would turn out, the Planeteer would live to see ten issues released between september of 1995 and april of 1997. The mentioned Windows Write format versions got lost in the ever evolving history of the internet, but issues 1 through 8 are available in Windows Help format, with issues 9 and 10 available in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.