This is the homepage from Unity!
Unity is a freeware, Vga-P addon.

Download Unity version 1.20a from 03.07.2006
---> use this instead version from 17.05.2001 <---

Download Unity docs version 1.20a from 03.07.2006

Check Whats new in version 1.20a.

Look at Unity basic tips

To find a game hosted with Unity, try the links below.
To add your site to the Unity hosting links, click here

A new addon: Explore!, which partially replaces Exploremap, but it has even more features.

Download Explore version 0.93b from 27.06.2000

Download Explore docs version 0.93b from 27.06.2000

Without warranty: Abhost version 1.5

The docs Abhost version 1.5 /03.05.2000

NEW! score blanker Wblank version 1.01

The docs Wblank version 1.01 /11.07.2000

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This page was updated on 18.08.2003.

Sites hosting games where Unity is used:

Spaceport Andromeda

Vga-Planets homepage:

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Base-defender.I am a Base-defender.

What's mine is mine, and I make sure everyone knows it. Nobody invades my space without permission - I'd destroy everything I own before letting someone take it from me. I tend to be forward-facing, which is both a strength and a weakness. What Video Game Character Are You?