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Don Friesen
Robo's trusty human

robohome1.gif (1357 bytes)I must have got involved with Planets in the spring of 1995, because Robo's game #1 has a mastering timestamp of Nov 26 1995.

How I got involved... I wandered by a coworker's desk and he and a friend were playing this game. At first glance is was a bit confusing, but I joined in (with a little encouragement). The game was actually being hosted by my boss, and after a couple of games against the same people I got a bit bored (same aliances and in-fighting).

I was directed to the newsgroup, where I joined a couple of games. They stalled, or vanished after a few turns. In frustration, Robo was born. Just the other day game number 1000 was mastered (I had a 1K bug that caused a crash). Not all of those 1000 games actually started.

Now, as the father of a spunky 9 month old daughter, I have little time for Planets. I used to play in 4 or more games... now I'm in one, and that is a family-only game that runs whenever TRN files are in. Nobody told me there would be no time... Good thing Robo mostly runs himself...

robo1.jpg (10756 bytes)

I would like to have more time to rewrite parts of Robo, and the add-ons ... Probe, Deepspace, Well, Starnote, Captives.

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