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VGA Planets Helppages
by Donovan

These pages are designed to offer help and information on the many routines in VGA Planets. These pages list the rules, formulas and mechanics for VGA Planets games using host.exe. These pages were last updated 16-08-2003 (A list of changes can be found here). Information in this document is based on the rules as they are with host 3.22.047, rules under older host versions differ considerably on a number of issues.

A zipfile containing these helppages can be downloaded here (160 Kb).

There are three ways in which the information in these pages is presented: categorized, based on the Host order of actions and in alphabetical order. To view these pages, you'll need a frames-capable browser.

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The information in these pages has it's foundation in sources like the online host docs, Eden Tan's Infolist and Siberian Snake's list of undocumented features. Additionally, these pages are based on a lot of testing by myself and various other people. If you find these helppages to state something other than any of the beforementioned documents, you can basically trust that this document is more accurate - statements not corresponding with previous documents have been tested, re-tested and tested again.

These pages were first put online december 24th of 1998. Please do not publish these pages online anywhere; Although it has been well over three years now and many errors have been fixed, from time to time people still find mistakes and errors in it. Not much use in having dozens of outdated versions all over the net. Further errors will be corrected and updates reflected as soon as I hear of them (provided I have the time) and I think keeping one version updated is hard enough. And besides, I've spent a considerable amount of time writing these pages. So unless your name is Tim Wisseman, please offer a link to this website rather than publishing these pages on your website.

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