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Lady Royale

The Lady Royale is a pleasure starship. When there are clans on board this starship it will generate one megacredit per clan on board from gambling earnings. Each turn that a clan is onboard a Lady Royale, it will produce one megacredit.

Although the official documentation may suggest so, you don't have to beam down the clans in order to earn the money. By giving the Lady Royale a friendly code of "bdm" it will automatically beam down it's money. If your Lady Royale is orbiting a planet with a starbase, setting the base's mission to "unload freighters" will automatically unload the clans and the money from the Lady Royale each turn - the clans can even be used the same turn to collect taxes from the natives (or be taxed themselves), and if there is growth in the colonist population the clans will be used in calculating the total growth.

To make money the Lady Royale needs to have fuel onboard. Making money does not burn fuel.

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